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Re: The Wooden Stars thread

Hmmm... I guess everyone's entitled to their own opinion.
I'll have to back up the 'heckler' a bit. Not that he's
really a heckler parsay.

I think that the wooden stars are pretty good instrumentally
and musicly. I do think that the singer has an, ummm...
interesting singing style and overall voice. Altogether,
i thought that they were very technical, similar to the
superfriends (but alas, they definately are NOT) but a
little more boring (i dont know if that's the word). Their
music had change but there was rarely a high or low part
to their songs. Usually all the same pace throughout the song.
Their guitarist (balding one) was pretty damn good though.
Nice finger picking by both guitarists, and the drummer - 
nothing but nice things to say about him.

Overall, I guess I'm saying that I liked them but I didn't
if that makes any sense. I dont think they sucked, their
musical style just didn't appease me. Perhapse a few more
listens and I could get used to them. Anything's possible.

Thanks for hearing me out.

Dennis Amos wrote:

> > you foolishly said :
> >
> > -The Wooden Stars (opened for The Inbreds) were
> horrible at the show.  I don't know what
> > the problem was, but the lead singer (shaved hair)
> was being REALLY obnoxious and had the
> > nerve to make a joke while the Inbreds were playing
> Any Sense of Time...In my opinion,
> > they're far from "good enough" to be sporting the
> attitude they had, and to me, they were
> > just an annoying "rip-off" of The Local Rabbits.  I
> haven't heard much from either band
> > so i don't know if that's a valid thought, but....

> Man you are sooooo right on when you say Mardi Gras
> is the best record of 97(best so far). It disgusts me
> to hear someone slag them, especially one who
> obviously has no clue what they're about.  Wooden
> Stars are a phenomenal band, and  to call them an
> "annoying" Local Rabbits "rip off" is ludicrous.  Was
> this person actually listening when they played? What
> were you doing when they were playing?  And to call
> them obnoxious is so far off base. The Wooden Stars
> are a truly special band, and Brendan is right,
> everyone should buy a copy of Mardi Gras.

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