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Re: Unsubscribing the wrong way

GLEN BOURGEOIS <egb3977\!/umoncton.ca> had this to say about Unsubscribing the wrong way

}> unsubscribe
}Maybe I'm just wrong, but isn't this the _WRONG_ way to unsubscribe 
}from the Sloannet mailing list?
}I thought you had to send a message to:
}with the words
}in the message (header optional).

Actually, that's still wrong.  in the header of every f*cking 
sloannet message is the line:

X-Unsub: To leave, send text 'LEAVE' to 

which anyone can read if they tell their email software to display 
full headers.

But, people don't think to look first.


PS anyone who thinks they might ever in the future want to 
unsubscribe, please save this message :)