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Capitalism reigns free on Sloannet WAS:Re: Hermit Halloween

On Sun, 2 Nov 1997, Kelli with an ''i'' wrote:
> And like, are you people who are paying $25 to $45 for some Sloan 
> songs out of your trees?? Like, three versions of TGIE for $45???? 
> $30 for a 7''? $25 for EYDW? Good lord. 

I'll have to agree with Kelli. I think some of us are taking this east 
coast pop obsession way too far. Hey, but it's a free country.

Maybe the Elevator For Hell CD 'Eerieconsciliation' that I saw for $8 
used wasn't such a bad buy afterall. Actually, I just had doubts about 
whether I would like it. Does anyone recommend buying it?