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Hermit Halloween


Since it was Halloween, most of the Thrush Hermits were dressed up too.  
Cliff wore a hockey mask to be Jason (Friday the 13th), Joel was 
"Lightening Boy", aka Ralph Machio's role in _Crossroads_ (a bluesy 
guitarist of somesort) (not Robbie Robertson or the guitarist from Hall 
and Oats :) ), Ian was Joel (had the belt buckle too) (not to be mistaken 
as a maintenance guy :) ), and Rob forgot to dress up.  But Lightening 
Boy said that Rob was Rob Benvie Sr. for the night.

Hmm, I would have figured Cliff to be the bunny type, Rob for Zorro 
and Joel for G.I. Joel perhaps? 

Ok, someone from Sydney has to post about Gobblefest please. 

And like, are you people who are paying $25 to $45 for some Sloan 
songs out of your trees?? Like, three versions of TGIE for $45???? 
$30 for a 7''? $25 for EYDW? Good lord. 

Hey, I finally got the Poster Girl single!!! Wooohoo!!!!! Very 
reasonably priced at $4.99 at HMV; glad to see I won't have to shell 
out my life savings for it! 
Bye :)

it'll make you giddy as hell