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promo Sloan stuff

okay, this is getting confusing because people are making offers then 
not writing back. Right now, here's the bids and I am now setting 
kind of a deadline: if no one outbids these people by wednesday then 
they go to these people for these prices. So if anyone is interested 
in this stuff, then tell me your bid if it is higher than one of 

- the Sloan 7" with TGIE and the demo of autobiography is currently 
  at 30 bucks US funds (Charlynda)
- the CD single with 3 versions of TGIE is currently at 25 bucks US 
funds plus 10 Canadian, which i think works out to roughly 45 bucks 
canadian (Colin Squires)
- the everything you've done wrong single is at 25 bucks us funds 
(Elaine Hsu)
- Heather MacEachern is going to trade me something for the Number 
one Cup Promo 

okay that's the way it is in my books. I didn't want to have to post 
people's bids to the list, but it's the only way I can make sure 
everyone knows what's up. If there is any discrepancies, PLEASE 
e-mail me personally as soon as possible so we can straighten it out. 
Otherwise, get your bids in while you can if you want to get this 
stuff and your name hasn't been listed in this e-mail. If you want 
you can also bid on more than one thing. Anyway thanks for sticking 
it out, and this will be decided by Thursday morning when I check my 
e-mail. bye