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The Wooden Stars

you foolishly said :

-The Wooden Stars (opened for The Inbreds) were horrible at the show.  I don't know what 
the problem was, but the lead singer (shaved hair) was being REALLY obnoxious and had the 
nerve to make a joke while the Inbreds were playing Any Sense of Time...In my opinion, 
they're far from "good enough" to be sporting the attitude they had, and to me, they were 
just an annoying "rip-off" of The Local Rabbits.  I haven't heard much from either band 
so i don't know if that's a valid thought, but....

I say:

You are "far from credible enough" to be calling a band like The Wooden Stars a "rip-off" 
of The Local Rabbits.  The Wooden Stars aren't flashy showmen like the Rabbits, and they 
also are NOT blues-rock players.  As good as The Local Rabbits are, what you said is just 
insulting and wrong.  I wasn't at the show you're talking about, but The Wooden Stars on 
a bad day are better than most bands at the best of times.  The Wooden Stars are more 
than "good enough" to "sport" any attitude they want, but they don't - they are really 
nice guys, and are good friends of The Inbreds.  If you can't joke with your friends, who 
can you joke with?  Why not write Sappy and get yourself a copy of Mardi Gras - easily 
the best record of 97.  I think everybody should own a copy of this record.