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vees/thrush hermit

hiya :)

ok, there are some conflicts of the tour dates I posted and the ones the 
mighty Colin MacKenzie posted, concerning the Vees.  Colin's dates are 
*theee* correct ones, since tour dates in _Exclaim!_ are subject to 
change, and Colin is god, er, I mean, the Vees' manager. :)

onto Thrush Hermit stuff...  Everyone should call up Thrush Hermit's 
booking agent and book them to play your living room!!!  Last night they 
played a Halloween (the night the artist caused a scene ;) ) party in 
Kitchener, Ontario, in Patrick Wilkins' living room.  Folks, his living room 
was CROWDED!!  Not a lot of room to move, hence me getting hit on the 
head by Ian McGettigan's bass when he decided to swing around. My first rock 

The Hermit played for at least an hour, concentrating on material from 
_Sweet Homewrecker_.  The sound was awesome (nice and clear), and there 
was a great deal of energy from the band.  They also took requests from 
the audience (incl. "Glumboy", which they only seem to play in K-W), and 
did a couple of covers, even attempting to do some Clash.  The occasional 
mistake here and there, but not too noticeable.  During "Patriot", there 
was a little guitar duelling happening.  They got a guy from the audience 
to challenge Joel, using Rob's guitar.  Then Ian took over Rob's axe (and 
handed the guy his bass), and the duelling became intense, shirts came 
off (oh my!), and the situation looked frighteningly Local Rabbits-esque 
(Joel wearing the white tanktop like Ben, Ian with a white t-shirt like 
Pete).  It was a really fun show where both the band and the audience 
were having a great time :)

Since it was Halloween, most of the Thrush Hermits were dressed up too.  
Cliff wore a hockey mask to be Jason (Friday the 13th), Joel was 
"Lightening Boy", aka Ralph Machio's role in _Crossroads_ (a bluesy 
guitarist of somesort) (not Robbie Robertson or the guitarist from Hall 
and Oats :) ), Ian was Joel (had the belt buckle too) (not to be mistaken 
as a maintenance guy :) ), and Rob forgot to dress up.  But Lightening 
Boy said that Rob was Rob Benvie Sr. for the night.

Good times, great band, and I'm soooo glad they were able to play in K-W! :)

			...sizzle teen

p.s.  the cancelled UW show was the promoter (i.e. the university's) 
fault :(  Not enough advance tickets were sold, they got scared, so the 
show got cancelled.  Blah. :(

      carol nishitoba  :)   3B E.R.S., co-op   ccnishit\!/fes.uwaterloo.ca    
                Poster Girl Records & _in the meantime..._ zine