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Plumtree on CFNY today!!

I just got this from Walter ant Cinamon Toast:

The show in Halifax is at a new club called the 
> > Playhouse, located at 2248 Maitland Street, one street down from 
> > Gottingen near the North branch Library and YMCA. Doors open at 6PM on 
> > the 8th and Piggy, Silver Kite Concept, Thrush Hermit, The Inbreds and 
> > Plumtree are playing. All ages and $6.00 advance from HMV or Dio Mio 
> > Gelato - 5670 Spring Garden Road suite 65 on Brenton Street or $8.00 at

> > the door.Hope to see you there.
> > Plumtree and Thrush Hermit are going to be on CFNY in T.O. on Thursday 
> > the 30th from 2 - 4 pm playing and talking. Should be cool. 

											- Se\!/n