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This sucks...

	How come The Vee's aren't coming to Kingston!!!  And what about the double
snub, by way of The Flashing Lights not showing up either!...geez, in an
original post someone said the Vee's were coming, but now it's listed as an
off day I think.  That got me all happy, but man, i guess the official word
is that they aren't.  Both bands should have no problem playing The Toucan
- Thrush Hermit and The Inbreds just played there in October.

	So, if anyone can figure out a way to get the Vee's to play here, or
Matt's band, lemme know.....wishful thinking, but oh well...

	Speaking of the Thrush Hermit and Inbreds shows, i'd just like to voice a
couple of thoughts :
-Thrush Hermit has got to be one of the best (if not best) bands i've seen
-The Wooden Stars (opened for The Inbreds) were horrible at the show.  I
don't know what the problem was, but the lead singer (shaved hair) was
being REALLY obnoxious and had the nerve to make a joke while the Inbreds
were playing Any Sense of Time...In my opinion, they're far from "good
enough" to be sporting the attitude they had, and to me, they were just an
annoying "rip-off" of The Local Rabbits.  I haven't heard much from either
band so i don't know if that's a valid thought, but....
-The Inbreds were nice enough to let me take pictures of the show, as was
Thrush....I even managed to get a picture with myself, Dave and Mike on
stage after the show.
-I talked to Cliff from Thrush in email before the show and asked him if
it'd be alright to bootleg the show and he basically said yeah, so I did,
and it turned out pretty good.  I have it in MP3 now, on my computer.  I
also got the Inbreds show too.  
-The set the Inbreds played was too "set"...they should have tooken more
requests...although Mike did tell me after that they haven't played Cruise
Control in a long time because when he wrote it it was like a "mad song"
and it just doesn't seem right to play it anymore. 
-I got It's Sydney or the Bush from the show, but after listening to it, i
only found a few songs to be good, unlike Kombinator.  I think it was the
experiments in Sydney (ie, guitar, horns and just overall changes) must
have been interesting for the guys, but i hope the new albumn is more in
the vein of Kombinator, and i think it is, after hearing some of the new
songs at the show.
-Joel, Thrush Hermit, is hilarious with his stage antics...
-I really wish i would have caught the Hermit/Superfriendz together last
year...REALLY wish....

"Tear it down, crank it up.  Rebel."		Ryan j. Noth
-Thrush Hermit					223 Victoria Hall
						Queen's University
http://qlink.queensu.ca/~7rjn2			K7L-3N8