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sfz, itm, vees (sorta lengthy)

If you've never seen Colin MacKenzie before, I've exploited him ;) 
somewhere on my sfz page... click on the section with the purple button 
and find out. It's not the bestest pic of him, but you'll get the idea 
:)  Visit soon, cuz his reign is over...  

For more SFZ stuff, here's something from the November 1997 issue of 
_Exclaim!_ magazine's "credible ink" section:

"So Long Super Friendz: Halifax popsters the Super Friendz have decided 
to call it quits, but they will each continue to pursue music.  Matt 
Murphy's Flashing Lights are evolving from his side-project cover band 
into a full-time project; expect some live dates in early November with 
MAdE. Drew Yamada has been playing with Alyson MacLeod's project Speedo, 
while Charles Austin has been playing some guitar with Soaking Up 
Jagged, and will be touring with the Vees this fall as well.  The two of 
them are also working on the soundtrack for an upcoming short film.  
Lonnie James just released a seven-inch on Sappy Records, and is 
currently working on a solo full-length recording."

And now for a little self-promo.. my zine, _in the meantime..._ has 
reached the 9th issue for over a month now, and it's available for 
$2ppd/trade, featuring interviews with Tara S'appart and Neko Case, a 
Sappy Records spotlight, cub thingy, and more (incl. another CM story 
for you fanatics ;) ).  E-mail me if you're interested!  Oh, and copies 
of the super-Sloany issue are still available...

One more thing.. According to the latest _Exclaim!_, the Vees are 
going on tour next month (November) with the following dates (subject to 
change, of course):

Wed. Nov. 19   - London, ON
Thurs. Nov. 20 - Kitchener, ON
Fri. Nov. 21   - Toronto, ON
Sat. Nov. 22   - St. Catherines, ON
Sun. Nov. 23   - Kingston, ON
Mon. Nov. 24   - Peterborough, ON
Wed. Nov. 26   - Detroit, MA
Thurs. Nov. 27 - Kalamazoo, MI
                 Grand Rapids, MI
Fri. Nov. 28   - Chicago, IL  ("landing on your front door in...")
Sat. Nov. 29   - Chicago, IL  (original version of "Up and Running")

                             ...sizzle teen