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Re: good in everyone promo 7"(Enclave)

Ok, there's a bit of a problem here.....i've already gotten five
people saying they want this Sloan stuff that I have. 
Basically,anyone who's interested mail me telling me exactly what you 
want out of the three (The Good in everyone 7" with autobiography 
demo, The Good in everyone CD with 3 versions, and the Everything 
you've done wrong single) and make me an offer. So far no one's been 
specific in what they want or listed what they have to trade, so 
you'll have to do this so I can be fair to everyone and narrow it 
down. Like I  said before, I can't just name a value for this stuff 
off the top of my head because I don't know what it's worth, so i'll 
have to just go with the best offer. Let the bidding begin! Oh yeah - 
I also have a Number One Cup promo single for "malcom's X-ray Picnic" 
that I would be willing to part with.