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follow yr instincts...listen to reality

>>> Poster Girl Records	
>>> CHETICAMP "Aeroplane VS Automobile"
>> It freaks me out every time I see this band's name.
>Me too.  I've been there.  It's stark.  It blows my mind that anyone 
>would pick such a boring place

ouch. i know some rug hookers that could probably kick your \!/$$
if they heard you bad mouthing their town!

and now...official turkey spotting.

actually, i just wanted to WARN everyone that there is still time to make
some quick travel arrangements and venture forth into the realm of
community based music festivalness known solely (or should i say soul-ly?)
as GOBBLEFEST ($8). this being the forth installment and the anticipated
release of the local cd comp REMNANTS ($6). I think it will be a dandy.


Elevator to Hell (Moncton)		fusionFAN
Burnt Black (Yarmouth)		Room 217
Kudzu (Halifax)			Crazy Knees Carbone
Horton's Choice (pei)		The Verdicks
Mastadon Ridge			Matthew Claener (ex-member of Phycus)
'77 Impala Special			Alfred Remo
Q					L. C.'s Revenge
Blindside				Strych9
The $ellout$				Andrea Currie
Steve MacDougall
Bottle Rocket
Johnny Rocket and the Space Cadets

St. Andrews Hall, Sydney, Nova Scotia, Canada, North America, Earth

More info, just click this blue thing under what i am writing now...
Iain Kenneth MacLeod - boost\!/ccen.uccb.ns.ca
Boost Ventilator - http://www.geocities.com/SoHo/Lofts/4313
CBMusic - http://ccen.uccb.ns.ca/cbmusic
CAPR - http://ccen.uccb.ns.ca/capr