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Re: Jale (Vee's)

> From:          "GLEN BOURGEOIS" <egb3977\!/umoncton.ca>
> Organization:  Universite de Moncton
> To:            "Julie \!/ Poster Girl Records" <jaw8992\!/is.nyu.edu>,
>                sloannet\!/bluenose.canadaweb.com
> Date:          Wed, 29 Oct 1997 16:36:19 -0400 AST
> Subject:       Re: Jale (Vee's)
> Priority:      normal

> Hey there,
> > *******************************************************************************
> > 				Poster Girl Records
> > 				 Coming REALLY Soon....
> > 				     CHETICAMP
> > 		       	     "Aeroplane VS Automobile"
> > *******************************************************************************
> It freaks me out every time I see this band's name. You see, I am 
> from Cheticamp. Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia. This guy's from New 
> York, and only visited Cheticamp, and decided to use the name. I'm 
> still floored every time I see the name of the group.
> Glen (aka Barney Rubble)
Me too.  I've been there.  It's stark.  It blows my mind that anyone 
would pick such a boring place--sorry Glen, it was jeux de l'acadie, 
and when eating out consisted of a single choice, fried 
chicken...--it's right next to the Cabot Trail though.

Maybe the French speaking locals gave the place an "exotic" flavor.