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Re: the sexiest musicians in all the land...

Catherine Moore wrote:

> in that context, lainers, it is disturbing :) but no, someone on this list
> said before that chart was going downhill...he may be right. but what i

uh.. that would be me :)

> find disturbing here is how dead-on i was...i remember saying to someone
> on this list that the "sloan watch" icon was one step on the road to
> teenybopper magazine land. and here we have a most sexiest musician
> contest, which i also took as a joke. until i saw the magazine. is the
> reason chart added color so's they could print pin-up quality photos? next
> month, can we expect to see a centerfold? hunk of the month feature?
> contest to win a date with _________?  i know i should know; after all, i
> saw that this was gonna happen. it's a sad day.

perhaps their taking a leson from Impact, who tried to relaunch their magazine
with a "fashion feature"... The first edition had Roberta from Wild Strawberries
in doing a spy-thing... really weird... It seemed to have little to do with either
fashion, or music.

You know, Chart used to be a magazine for musician/campus-radio type people... Now
it's like a tell-all rag for prepubescent lolapalooza kids...