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Hallowe'en: Thrush Hermit/Plumtree in Kitchener

Hey, kids,

For those of you who didn't know, the regularly scheduled Thrush Hermit
show for the 31st has been cancelled (in some city that starts with a "B",
I think). The show has been relocated to my living room in Kitchener. Sorry
for the short notice.

Here's the 401:

Patrick's Living Room
541 Queen St. S (corner of Queen and Mill Sts)
Second floor (go in front door and up stairs to your left)
Kitchener, ON
(519) 576-3480 for directions 'n' stuff
This is a short walk from the Kitchener bus terminal. Right on Joseph, left
on Queen St., walk 5 minutes. 

Friday, October 31st
Hallowe'en (wear a costume or you won't get in, buster) (Hallowe'en
decorations & red lights also appreciated. Talk to me if you want to help
set up.)

Plumtree is on at 8 PM
Thrush Hermit is on at 9 PM

$5 at the door. BYOB if you so desire. Bring some for the bands and get in

Uh... oh, my living room is *really* small. The idea is, this isn't a
concert -- it's a funky Hallowe'en party that happens to have two very,
very cool bands playing. So please don't expect to get a good seat or

This show is unadvertised, word of mouth only, so if you know people who
might be interested, pass the word. We may, however, have to turn people
away if our house becomes a fire hazard (memories of last summer's Super

Note: My living room is *not* an appropriate venue. It's more of a last
resort. So if ANYONE in the KW area has, or knows of, a living room,
basement, or (heated) garage that would be suitable for a rock 'n' roll
show, please get in touch with me! You may end up hosting the next party....

As always, media people are welcome to show up 6-ish and nab interviews.


Ramona Records: 170 University Ave. W, Suite 12-194, Waterloo ON N2L 3E9
      (519) 576-3480; http://www.csclub.uwaterloo.ca/u/palwilki

 HENRY & THE FOLK farewell show... Sunday, November 9 \!/ Mrs. Robinson's
  with Conscience Pilate, Wilt A., and Lisa Gamble. One last party...