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Julie on tour

OK.  Julie and the Wooden Stars are headed out again.  We got some great 
help from people on these lists putting some of this stuff together.  She 
still has a couple of availabilities though, so if you live in or around 
the areas below (not Canada, we can't cross the border), and want to put on 
a show or have a radio show or do an interview or whatever, let us know.

These are the dates, all in November

18 Alvin's, Detroit
19 Euclid Tavern, Cleveland
20 Empty Bottle Chicago
22 Clark University, Worcester, MA
24 CBGB's Gallery, New York
26 Kirkland Cafe, Cambridge, MA

So, she's available on 21 between Chicago and Worcester, 23 and 25anywhere 
within striking distance of NYC, and 27 anywhere between Cambridge and 

Also, they are looking for places to stay in Cleveland, Chicago, and New 
York.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.