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Re: Jale (Vee's)

Okay I'll bite on this one to do a shameless plug.
	Those of you who like the Mike Belitsky songs on the new Vee's EP
or the last Jale 7" might be interested in knowing that Mike has his own
solo project called Cheticamp.  His first CD "Aeroplane VS Automobile"  
will be out on the 'fabulous Poster Girl' label sometime in late
November/early December. A tour of Ontario is being scheduled around the
same time--when I can confirm dates I'll be posting more.


On Tue, 28 Oct 1997, Jason Schad wrote:

> Hey everyone:
> I been out of the loop for the past 5 months or so....
> Can someone tell me what's up with jale these days?  I know they had the
> 7" over the summer.  are they still playing?  Are they looking for another
> label?  Or have they just called it quits?
> Last night I was listening to a show from Edmonton last fall, and Mike's
> increased role due to Eve's absence added a lot to the band.  
> Jason


				Poster Girl Records

				 Coming REALLY Soon....

		       	     "Aeroplane VS Automobile"
		        (tour to be announced even sooner)