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the sexiest musicians in all the land...

On Sun, 26 Oct 1997, Elaine Hsu wrote:

> Throwing in my two pennies:
> >And here's the Readers' top picks, in no random order:
> >Patrick Pentland, Edwin, Raine Maida, David Usher, and Todd Kerns.
> When I first heard about this "Sexiest Musicians" thing, I thought it would
> be some kind of joke or parody of those "50 sexiest" People magazine lists -
> but judging from the lameness that I've seen, I think I may be wrong (case
> in point: some of the few criterias for getting onto the list - "ooh-la-la
> hair", "sassy 'tude", and "panther-like physique"...no joke...) When I think
> about it now, I take back what I said - I'm relieved that Sloan members were
> spared the embarrassment of being on the list (although it IS a bit
> disturbing to know that Corey Hart made the cut and Sloan didn't...huh?? I
> thought that guy was dead...)

in that context, lainers, it is disturbing :) but no, someone on this list
said before that chart was going downhill...he may be right. but what i
find disturbing here is how dead-on i was...i remember saying to someone
on this list that the "sloan watch" icon was one step on the road to
teenybopper magazine land. and here we have a most sexiest musician
contest, which i also took as a joke. until i saw the magazine. is the
reason chart added color so's they could print pin-up quality photos? next
month, can we expect to see a centerfold? hunk of the month feature?
contest to win a date with _________?  i know i should know; after all, i
saw that this was gonna happen. it's a sad day.

i hate being right.