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re:good in everyone promo 7"(Enclave)/Superconductor

Wow! I bought this off someone from a newsgroup for $5 US and I just 
received it in the mail today. The glossy green cover with a picture of 
the guys on the front with some kid looks very cool! The 7" features the 
radio edit of "Good In Everyone" b/w a demo of Autobiography. The release 
date for this is 1997. I was wondering whether the Enclave released any 
other promotional singles on vinyl for OCTA?


ps. picked up the Superconductor CD `Hit songs for girls' for $5 at a 
used store today and while most of it is far from sounding like Zumpano, 
it's still pretty enjoyable if you're in the mood for that 
metal-meets-noise-meets-pop combination. This is a fun record and the 
album artwork on the inside of the sleeve is hilarious!