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Shows....re: thrush hermit toronto show.

I just thought I'd mention, If anyone on here is ever confused about a show
date/time/price/all ages/ etc., then it's a good idea to check out my 
website... muskrat Zines:


which has constantly updated tour dates and show listings news etc. for all
of Canada, although the majority of the club dates are for Toronto, I do
put up  any  tour dates I hear about, and I post any other shows I find out
about from anywhere..    there is quite a bit of EC content on there and it
just seems to me that it's a bit of a waste for everything to get posted on
here multiple times when it's available online.

there is also a newsletter that you can sign up to get that will confirm
most shows etc. for you,  weekly/monthly

I won't post about this again
just trying to help


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