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Re: Patrick Pentland in CHART

Throwing in my two pennies:

>And here's the Readers' top picks, in no random order:
>Patrick Pentland, Edwin, Raine Maida, David Usher, and Todd Kerns.

Yeah, when I first flipped through the magazine, I thought Patrick had made
it on to the list, but his picture was included as part of the reader's
choice for Favorite Bands - Sloan, IMO, OLP, Moist, and AOE (not in that

When I first heard about this "Sexiest Musicians" thing, I thought it would
be some kind of joke or parody of those "50 sexiest" People magazine lists -
but judging from the lameness that I've seen, I think I may be wrong (case
in point: some of the few criterias for getting onto the list - "ooh-la-la
hair", "sassy 'tude", and "panther-like physique"...no joke...) When I think
about it now, I take back what I said - I'm relieved that Sloan members were
spared the embarrassment of being on the list (although it IS a bit
disturbing to know that Corey Hart made the cut and Sloan didn't...huh?? I
thought that guy was dead...)

Another reason to patronize Chart - did anybody else catch the bit where one
Chart reviewer was going on and on about "this mysterious 7" from
Murderecords" and that "rumours abound that this is infact Sloan..." Just
wondering - was everyone outside of the elite Sloan Net community left in
the dark about the identity of the Rhodes Jam, or is this Chart guy just
really stupid and behind on things? And even though he did give the Jam a
good review, he's doing more damage than good - what's the use of fawning
over and chattering about a wonderful 7" that had sold out months and months
ago and is not available anymore? A lot of Sloan fans rushing their orders
to Murderecords for the 7" are gonna be mighty disappointed... 


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