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Inbreds in Winnipeg!

Greetings to all!

Just thought I'd give a BRIEF (very, very short) update on the Inbreds
tour as they were in Winnipeg at the Pyramid Cabaret Satruday night and
I was fortunate enough to be there. It was great!!! Not only was their
set "quite nice" (to put it modestly) but they were joined on stage by
many entertaining accesories- a frog on an amp, a cape on Dave Ullrich
and of course the lightshow. Oh, and they were joined by Wooden Stars
and Grand Theft Canoe who were none too shabby themselves. All in all, a
lovely evening.
Now I can't wait for Monday when Plumtree and Thrush Hermit are supposed
to play the Albert!!


P.S. Mike O'Neil provided us with some useful knowledge he got from
watching Street Cents- apparently Winnipeg is the Slurpee capitol of the
world or something to that effect. He also mentionned that there aren't
many 7-11s past Ottawa so I guess a lot of you guys probably aren't the
least bit impressed with that little tidbit.