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Re: chart mag

>hullo folks
>so did anyone catch who was charts sexiest musician? i never got to see
>thanks a lot.

#2 were TODD AND JOHN KERNS from the age of electric! Oh yeah! Congrats to
the boys!

the others were posted already many times so it would be pointless to post
them again....But I do have the mag...Reed Shimozawa was voted one of the
best dressed musicians (and who can blame them?)....Patrick Pentland was
voted in the "people's choice" category for all you Sloan lovers (haha)
:D.... I hope that Sloan comes to Toronto sometime soon, I'd love to see
them! If the strike in Ontario continues, I'll be going too see Thrush
Hermit, Plumtree, and The Inbreds on Oct 31 at the El Mocambo! yeah! Can't

Shower Power, Peace & Love,

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