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>>hullo folks
>>so did anyone catch who was charts sexiest musician? i never got to 
>>thanks a lot.
>>Canada's sexiest musician, according to the chart reader populace is 
>>the muscle-bound Edwin ____ of IME.  
>>Other sexy musicians include:  the AOE lead singer + the one with 
>>the mohawk, the chiseled lead singer of Moist, Sarah Mclachlan and 
>>someone from the cowboy junkies (or was it blue rodeo?).
>>As for sloan content, patrick pentland emerged as the 6th sexiest.  Or 
>>something like that, the layout was too confusing to understand in a 
>>couple of minutes.
>>maybe someone who actually bought the mag would like to expand

Uh, I bought Chart, but I don't understand the layout either.
Whats with the readers choice thing?? I thought they were all readers choice.
I didn't get it, but then again I don't "get" alot of things!