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Patrick Pentland in CHART

>>>Canada's sexiest musician, according to the chart reader populace is 
>>>the muscle-bound Edwin ____ of IME.  
>>>Other sexy musicians include:  the AOE lead singer + the one with 
>>>the mohawk, the chiseled lead singer of Moist, Sarah Mclachlan and 
>>>someone from the cowboy junkies (or was it blue rodeo?).
>>>As for sloan content, patrick pentland emerged as the 6th sexiest.  Or 
>>>something like that, the layout was too confusing to understand in a 
>>>couple of minutes.
>>>maybe someone who actually bought the mag would like to expand

Sorry, but Patrick was NOT the 6th sexiest musician. The list of Chart's Top
10 Sexiest Canadian Musicians was compiled by the magazine staff. The layout
was confusing, but you'll notice that they only inserted the "readers'
choice" symbol with the picture of a singer who was actually included in the
Readers' Choice List at the end. That means, within the top 10 picks, only
Edwin, Todd, Raine and David have that little oval symbol. Get it?

Here's the Top 10 picks, as selected by the Chart staff:
1) Edwin of I Mother Earth
2) Todd and John Kerns of Age Of Electric
3) Sarah McLachlan
4) Raine Maida of Our Lady Peace
5) Shania Twain
6) Glen Milchem of Blue Rodeo
7) David Usher of Moist
8) Cocktail of Les Secretaires Volantes
9) Michie Mee of Raggadeath
10) 8-WAY TIE: Leonard Cohen, Bif Naked, Daniel Lanois, Corey Hart, Jeff
Martin of The Tea Party, Colin Cripps of Junkhouse, Julie of My Brilliant
Beast, and Stephanie Westdal of Chains on 20. 

And here's the Readers' top picks, in no random order:
Patrick Pentland, Edwin, Raine Maida, David Usher, and Todd Kerns.

Finally, these artists were named the 5 Best Dressed:
Jaymz Bee, Andy Wyse of Glueleg, Gordie Johnson of Big Sugar, Kim Bingham of
Mudgirl, and Reed Shimozawa of Zuckerbaby.