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ETH parts 4-5 (semi long)

In the opinions of those who have conspicuously consumed this 
conspicuously late tape, is it worth the moolah?  Should we shell out 
the dough, the clams?  How many bad synonyms for cash shall he spout 
before arriving to the crux of his argument (actually, query): does 
it approach the home-recording, spoon-in-glass-percussion, poetic 
soulbaringness of parts 1-3? 

Just asking.  And I am finally warming up to eerieconsiliation.  See, 
I was one of those who was having a hard time getting over the 
non-sounding like Eric's Trip-ness of it.  But slowly I'm coming to 
accept ETH as a force unto its own.  Especially live.  The live show 
is much better than ET ever was, at least the times I saw them.  
Which was, in all fairness, towards the end.  Anyway.  My general 
take on ETH audiences is that they tend to crowd up, real close to 
the stage, for the honor of watching Rick (mainly Rick, I have to 
say, Tara and Mark unfortunately take a major backseat) be, and 
create, and just do his thing.  

My techno loving friend Tony, who is now in BC, says that ETH 
reminded him of Jimi Tenor in approach.