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inbreds/wooden stars

hi, kids!

i should have posted yesterday, but such is life during midterms. 

saw the inbreds and wooden stars on wednesday nite. the inbreds were
excellent, easily their best show i've ever seen. dave has his light show
with them which is worth the admission alone. mike was pleased as punch when
i talked to him after the show; he thought it was one of their best shows
and believed it was because the crowd was so friendly and welcoming. this is
pretty funny since edmonton is notorious for indifference and blank stares.
besides the hecklers that admitted it was their first time at a non-stadium
show, things went off well. they even did a little bit of a beastie boys

as for the wooden stars....i've fallen in love with them, if only because
they remind me of my beloved rheostatics. dave was right when he said 'mardi
gras' was his favorite album of the year. mine, too. wowee.

so, if they're in your area in the next week-and-a-half, go see them.
really, i mean it this time.

ciao for now.