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Re: les amis du sloan/ETH "Parts 4 and 5"

Hi friends,

> Just curious as to the status of the les amis du sloan comp. thing.  I know
> that a long time ago Tara Lee had a posting that read something like- "the
> tape is done but the zine is not, so just freakin' chill!"  But like I
> said, that was a long time ago.

Actually, I would LOVE to hear more about this, being a newcomer on 
the list. Can anyone give me info?

Plus! FINALLY was able to get a copy of ETH's "Parts 4 and 5"! Of 
course, you know this is from Astronavigation, meaning cassette only, 
but it sounds very nice for a cassette, and fits Rick`s lo-fi view 
perfectly. The first version of "Universe" is worth the price of the 
tape alone. However, I only had a cassette in mine, no booklet. Is 
there supposed to be one? I seemed to recall so, many eons ago on 

Ah, well,
Glen (aka Barney Rubble)