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question about Rome Plows & Superconductor CD's

Hello people,

On some recent CD shopping trips I came by used copies of CDs by the above 
bands and I was wondering if anyone would recommend buying them.
I haven't heard a thing from the Rome Plows. Ok that's not true; I'm pretty 
sure I saw a video of theirs on Mucheast but I can't remember what the 
song sounds like. I think they only have one CD out.

As for Superconductor, I know that one or some of the members are in 
Zumpano. The only song I heard from them was on the Teenbeat 50 
compilation which was a really hard and noisy(but somewhat melodic) punk 
song. The vocals were a bit too screeching to appeal to my indiepop/shoegazer
pop sensibilities. Let's just say they sounded nothing like Zumpano. The 
CD that I saw was released in 1993 and I think was called `Hit Songs for 

So should I buy these CDs. Any and all comments would be appreciated. Thanks!