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7"s and Plumtree

First, I just want to say that Plumtree are so amazing.  I like Mass Teen
Fainting, but didn't think it was anything outstanding.  Then Scott
Pilgrim and Fatherhood were released on singles, and they blew me away.
Then the new album came out a couple weeks ago.  It is so good.  It's one
of the best records I've heard this year.  I can't say enough about the
band.  They're just soooooooo good.  Has anyone else heard the new record
and felt the same way?

Second, what does everyone think about the current state of 7"s?  Are they
passe?  Were they just a novelty that picked up a few years back and are
now dead, or do people still buy and enjoy them?  What makes a good 7"
compared to a bad one?

Finally, I heard Plumtree were on Much East last night.  Is this true?  If
so, did anyone tape it.  I'm very interested in getting a copy of it.
Perhaps someone has that taped, as well as a bunch of other performances
and appearances/interviews and is interested in trading?  Please let me
know if you're interested, as I really want to get my hands on this and
other footage that I've missed recording.

Thanks for your time,


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Snailhouse/Julie Doiron
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have no idea when this will be
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