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trading east-coast records


i have some ec-records that i am willing to trade:

sloan  "underwhelmed"  12"
sloan "underwhelmed" cds  
eric's trip  "stereo mountain"  7" 
jale  "aunt betty"  7" (debut)
jale "promise" cdep (promo w/ 1 unreleased track and 4 alt ver of old songs)
skreech  blue flexi  (charles austin, matt murphy and alyson macleod)
the hardship post  "watching you/your sunshine"  7" (red vinyl)
never mind the molluscs  cdep (sloan, eric's trip, jale, idee du nord)

(the vinyls have never been played and are in excellent condition)

and this is what i am looking for:

eric's trip "eric's trip" demo cassette, "warmgirl" demo cass, "belong" 7"
sloan "i am the cancer" cds/12" (or "take it in" promo single), chart flexi
(or stuff along the same lines)

or, whatever music videos/live takes/interviews on video-cassette that might
be out there on mainly eric's trip and/or sloan (a vcr-tape full of such
stuff will get pretty you far. i have only seen one et-video and three sloan
videos ever!)

or, whatever more hard-to-find stuff you might have by ec-bands (for example
hardship post "mood ring" cass).

feel free to send me offers on one or all of the records. and, no, none of
them are for sale. 


ps. if you have any questions concerning the records - just ask!