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some records/cd you might be interested in

I got this off the indiepop-l list but I thought maybe some of you 
would be interested. 

The following items are available through an auction(as well as a tonne more
of indie/indiepop releases).

The guy's URL is http:\\www.geocities.com\SunsetStrip\Lounge\5970.

I was wondering whether anyone has heard of the Eric's Trip 7"'s below
like what songs are included on them because I am not familiar with them. 

eric's trip-opening song (summershine 45)
eric's trip-hurt (sub pop 205)

various-never mind the molluscs (sub pop 84/255) feat. sloan, jale, eric's
trip and idee du nord

ps. Does the 84/255 in brackets regarding the molluscs cd mean number 84 
    of only 255 manufactured? If that's true, I consider myself lucky 
    that I actually got one when it first came out. Ok so I'm not crazy 
    about the Sloan song(or for that matter the Idee du Nord one) but the 
    Jale and Eric's Trip songs(esp. the Jale one) are really good.