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sloan news from D.A.M.N

                    NEW U.S. LABEL DEAL NOW 

                    Halifax darlings, Sloan (the only band so far to merit a
                    regular "Watch" symbol in Chart magazine because the
                    readers adore them so much...), have been given back the
                    ownership of their masters for the Geffen Records album
                    Smeared. As band manager Chip Sutherland put it, "It
                    seems only right that Sloan should now own
                    'Underwhelmed,'" the band's most popular and indeed
                    signature single.Currently negotiating with Geffen for the
                    return of the masters for the band's second album, Twice
                    Removed (winner of the Top Canadian Album of All Time
                    in the 1996 Chart magazine poll no less...), the band has
                    also finally been completely released from its ties with
                    American label The Enclave, to which it was signed for the
                    release of its most recent opus, One Chord To Another,
                    in the States. The band has regained ownership of its
                    master tapes for that current album. Sloan is now
                    available for a new record deal in the U.S. after the band
                    chose not to be absorbed by Virgin Records, where
                    several other Enclave bands ended up after the demise of
                    that label last June.