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Re: all the shite (lengthy, nonmusical, but informative)

alt.rawk. <bkroez\!/interlog.com> had this to say about Re: all the shite

}> 1.  is everyone, anyone getting all these shitty emails selling stuff.  i
}> usually get two of each, sent at the same time.  is someone out there
}> selling the lists email addresses?  is someone on here just writing them
}> down.  if there is, could you please stop?
}yes. yes. yes. i am also getting a ton of spam!!! & the clever trick to
}these things is that every time i reply with REMOVE in the subject box
}(like the remove intructions say) i get the message returned to me. grrrrr!


    Emailing one of these addresses like remove\!/removeme.com usually 
results in one of two things:

A) Your email bounces because the site receives about ten million 
messages a day, including mail bombs from angry people who pay for 
internet service and hate blowing money on unsolicited commercial 

B) They actually receive the message, confirming that your address 
is valid, and sell your address to a million spammers.

    The only "valid" place I know of which performs such a service is 
the Internet Electronic Mail Marketing Commission (www.iemmc.org) who 
claim to be the BBB of the internet.  They maintain a list of 
addresses who do not desire commercial email, and most "responsible" 
email marketers check this list against their own before sending 
bulk mail.  If you believe what you read.

    Do a web search on spam and you'll find lots of useless info on 
how to stop it (and also on the luncheon meat).  Like listing your 
address on your webpage as myname\!/NOSPAM.mysite.ca.  The bottom 
line is, if your address is out there, whether on your webpage or 
fingerable at your university or if you post to an archived list or 
a newsgroup, they'll find you.  And the "irresponsible" ones don't 
care if you want their mail or not, despite the disclaimers they'll 
write in their posts.

    My question is, has anyone else been receiving *encrypted* spam? 
Once or twice a week one of these messages arrives asking for an 
encryption key, and when I don't provide it, it often hangs my 
computer or at least refuses to be deleted.  Anyone honestly trying 
to sell something must either be absent minded or stupid if he 
thinks I'll buy from an encrypted message which I can't even read.  
My other worry is that it's some virus developer trying to find a 
way to deliver payload (which is currently impossible, unless you 
extract and execute an attched file) or read my address books, or 
at least determine if my address is real.

Oh well, some of it's more entertaining than my regular mail,

PS  Rich: if you're getting two copies, either 

A) the guy has a poorly edited list (or he bought ten million 
addresses from a company that just duplicates its five million 
address file and appends it).

B) you have a pseudoaddress at the university which is forwarding to 
your main address, and he has both.

Strangely, I almost never get spam (or any mail, for that matter) at 
aproden\!/is2.dal.ca, but about 5 a day at this address, and there is 
no autoforward set.