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Re: Thanks to Chris, the one who wrote the review for the Moncton, J

>Hi friends,
>I dunno if Chris is still here, but I'd like to send my most sincere 
>gratitude for that cool review of when Sloan/ETH/Thrush Hermit played 
>the MacNaughton Science and Technology School in Moncton in January 

hello! yes, i'm still alive and kickin'... :) glad you enjoyed the review.

>I just can't believe it. 

yeah, it was a pretty cool experience. i'm working on getting to the
moonsocket/eth show in fredericton on nov. 7th, but i don't know
if i can get a drive...

>Someone else who saw how imbecile some autograph-seekers were. ("Hey, 
>I've got my guitar here, maybe he'll sign it...", "Eeeeeeeeee! Now 
>all I need is Andrew's autograph and I'll be able to show it at 
>school tomorrow!", "Gee, maybe if he could sign my arm and I'll get 
>it tattooed." (Actually, the last one doesn't sound as far-fetched.) 
>And the ignorant little brat who got his jacket (Not a CD jacket, an 
>actual piece of clothing) signed, only for Jay to mention, "Hey, that 
>looks like the one that was thrown onstage and we threw it back." The 
>kid's snot-nosed reply: "Yeah, and it landed on my HEAD!" All Jay 
>could do was say, "Gee, sorry," to a no-longer-speaking young boy who 
>snatched his jacket back without a thank-you.

i hate ingrateful people like that. i mean, the guys coulda left, but
they're taking *their* time to sign stuff for *you*, the least you can
do is aknowledge that... that annoys me so much... i enjoyed talking to
them more than getting it signed though.

>Someone else who didn't want to be in the mosh pit. (Sincerely, is it 
>a common belief that _everyone_ wants to be pushed around?)

also, if you're at the back of the place, or at the back of the crowd,
you also have a better chance of someone from one of the first bands
meeting up with you, so you can chat a little, tell them they played
a great set, etc. i talked with joel and julie, both after sloans set
while everyone was leaving, and nobody recognized them...

>And I thought I was the only one there singing all the way through. 
>Thank God you mentioned that, Chris. I even had a young girl who 
>didn't even know who Sloan was before she heard they were coming to 
>town arrogantly cry out, "Who's singing? I _HATE_ it when people 
>sing!" That didn't stop me, although Pat's puzzled frowns in my 
>direction almost did. Don't worry, Chris. I sang at the top of my 
>lungs all show long. Apparently, so did Mark Gaudet (or so he said).

i sang the whole time. i sing at home, i'll sing at a show... :)

>Does anyone remember an older kid with an Umbro jacket, a 
>yellow Sloan shirt (the ones from Murderecords before the blue 
>and white OCTA shirts came out) and a teal Barney Rubble cap?

hmmm, can't say i do. but it was a long time ago. i'm sure i
saw you sometime during the night. :) also, there was a guy
videotaping it. he had on an 'eat my brains' t-shirt, and
was standing on top of a table while taping. does anybody
know who this is?

>"...And I never even got Pat's or Andrew's autographs... *Sigh*..." 
>Glen (aka Barney Rubble)