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THrush HErmit in SAskatoon

G'day sloners,

Talk about a Kick Ass show at Amigos yesterday/early
this morning!  *First up: Veal. ("Who the hell is Veal?" I
kept saying, "I don't think I have the patience to put up
with a new band tonight!") But a wicked performance! How to
describe them.... uhhh... kind of "Tex-Mex twangy (heavy on
the whammy bar) Lou Diamond Phillips guitar which pretty
much stole the show. 3 well dressed boys from who knows
where with their Aussie-lookin' drummer. Nice surprise.

*Disappointment of the night: PlumTree wasnt there. Something
about booking screw-ups or whatnot.

*ThrushHermit went on skant minutes after Veal. And did they
play! If I was fully concious I might have been able to rattle
off the songs in order, but the did play: Patriot, French Inhale,
On the Sneak, Heart Wrenching Man (a la request :), My Expense,
The Great Pacific Ocean, and their Jale House Rock ender. Complete
with the Ian balancing act and a bunch of extended jams on some
songs. Last time, on the SFZ vs. TH tour, Joel had the flu so it
was exciting to see him back to his regular animated self. He gets
so absorbed in the music - eyes starring wide at nothing, jerking
his lanky frame about like a scarecrow - He rocks!

When requested to play "Darling don't worry", Joel responds "Uh, we
usually do that one with a piano and Ian on saxaphone, so we'd
have a bit of trouble translating to different intsruments". 

Those jokers ;)


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