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St. catherines last wednesday

>When requested to play "Darling don't worry", Joel responds "Uh, we
>usually do that one with a piano and Ian on saxaphone, so we'd
>have a bit of trouble translating to different intsruments". 
yeah, i've been lazy on reporting this.  last wednesday, thrush hermit hit
st. catherines ontario, along with the inbreds and the wooden stars.

i like the way the guy in the wooden stars with the fat guitar stomps his feet

inbreds played lots of new tunes, and old favs.  the drummer(dave, right?)
told lots of stories on how they got their back up bass, the christmas light
setup and other stuffs.

thrush hermit played on and on.  new songs, divided by 2.  and violent
dream.  violent dream shall be a rocker!  big jam within the midst of the
song.  and instead of ian's bass balance act, he brought out a saxophone for
the jam in "patriot"   that's why i pasted the above.  cos joel just might
have been serious.  he played the sax to the bass parts of patriot.  cliff's
arms had quite a load of energy that night.  
didn't get to talk to the band, was too busy after the show getting my car
towed back to the states after the transmission fell off in niagra falls