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re: all the shite

two points to make.

1.  is everyone, anyone getting all these shitty emails selling stuff.  i
usually get two of each, sent at the same time.  is someone out there
selling the lists email addresses?  is someone on here just writing them
down.  if there is, could you please stop?

2.  wooden stars and inbreds in calgary.

inbreds had best show of the 4 i have seen.  enjoyable.  very.
wooden stars were superb, no gravenhurst militia though.  no new vinyl
records.  they were full of body odour.  that is a matter of little
concern to those who like body odour.

there was also this shitty SHITTY band called rule 62.  i think they were
from usa.  they were wearing their own merchandise before the show.  i
don't like that.  they really wanted to be henry rollins.  they weren't.
i wish i could have heard someone playing a kazoo instead.  rather, dan.

i have little else to say.