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Thanks to Chris, the one who wrote the review for the Moncton, J

Hi friends,

I dunno if Chris is still here, but I'd like to send my most sincere 
gratitude for that cool review of when Sloan/ETH/Thrush Hermit played 
the MacNaughton Science and Technology School in Moncton in January 

I just can't believe it. 

Someone else who saw how imbecile some autograph-seekers were. ("Hey, 
I've got my guitar here, maybe he'll sign it...", "Eeeeeeeeee! Now 
all I need is Andrew's autograph and I'll be able to show it at 
school tomorrow!", "Gee, maybe if he could sign my arm and I'll get 
it tattooed." (Actually, the last one doesn't sound as far-fetched.) 
And the ignorant little brat who got his jacket (Not a CD jacket, an 
actual piece of clothing) signed, only for Jay to mention, "Hey, that 
looks like the one that was thrown onstage and we threw it back." The 
kid's snot-nosed reply: "Yeah, and it landed on my HEAD!" All Jay 
could do was say, "Gee, sorry," to a no-longer-speaking young boy who 
snatched his jacket back without a thank-you.

Someone else who didn't want to be in the mosh pit. (Sincerely, is it 
a common belief that _everyone_ wants to be pushed around?)

And I thought I was the only one there singing all the way through. 
Thank God you mentioned that, Chris. I even had a young girl who 
didn't even know who Sloan was before she heard they were coming to 
town arrogantly cry out, "Who's singing? I _HATE_ it when people 
sing!" That didn't stop me, although Pat's puzzled frowns in my 
direction almost did. Don't worry, Chris. I sang at the top of my 
lungs all show long. Apparently, so did Mark Gaudet (or so he said).

Does anyone remember an older kid with an Umbro jacket, a 
yellow Sloan shirt (the ones from Murderecords before the blue 
and white OCTA shirts came out) and a teal Barney Rubble cap?

"...And I never even got Pat's or Andrew's autographs... *Sigh*..." 
Glen (aka Barney Rubble)