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Anyone going to see OG?

**Oct 17 at Wormwood's, Dinner is Ruined and Orange Glass, part of the 
**Halifax Experimental Music Festival which continues on the 18th at The 
**Church 5657 North Street.

I'll be in town for this.  Eager to meet fellow sloannetters there.  
Would recognize Shant Pelley and Katrina Grenzer if they were there 
(hint- hint) Anyway, if you see a 5'4'' good Acadian boy with a pony 
tail, glasses and either an Elevator to Hell or a t-shirt with the 
words "Bec moi, chu Acadien" (Kiss me, I'm Acadian) on it, well, 
that's me.  Come say hello, if you like.  Andre Muise will say hi