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sfz details from DAMN...

ummm...it could be just my e-mail screwing up but i don't think anyone's
posted this yet. if some one has sorry for cluttering up your inboxes.


	     ...Further to last week's news item that Halifax's
                    Super Friendz have broken up, the band's record label
                    has divulged a few more details on the whys and
                    wherefores of it all. Guitarist Matt Murphy "has a very
                    specific idea as to what sort of a project he wants to
                    on and that was no longer the Super Friendz dynamic,"
                    says murderecords. "Matt found that he was not getting
                    enough out of that situation and had so many more songs
                    that would never see the light of day in The Super
                    Friendz." While the rest of the Friendz have no
                    plans at the moment, bassist Charles Austin will be
                    writing the score to a short film directed by
playwright Rob
                    Plowman, which will begin production in early 1998.
                    Murphy is currently playing with drummer Ben Ross and
                    producer/bassist Brendan McGuire in an unnamed
                    project which they hope to take to the road for some
                    central Canadian dates by mid-November. Matt also plays
                    in a "Brit Blues cover band called The Flashing Lights"
                    apart from his trio with Ben and Brendan.

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