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Looking for "The Rhodes Jam"

Hi friends,

One question: Does _anyone_ have a spare copy of Sloan's "The Rhodes 
Jam" they could sell me? I'm looking for a 
pretty-close-to-mint-condition copy, and was unaware of its 
existence, even when placing my orders to Murderecords this summer. 
I'd hate to miss out on this one, since I collect everything they've 
released on vinyl and/or CD (except the "Peppermint" and "Smeared" 
albums, although low prices may convince me to pick up a copy of 

Or does anyone know a store which still carries copies? If I can't 
find my own, I might (regretfully) resort to a cassette or MP3 copy, 
if anyone would be so willing.

Thanks to all who can help,
Glen (aka Barney Rubble)