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Anyone interested in conversing on "Eerieconciliation"?

Hi friends,

I dunno if the "One post a day" rule is still in effect (If so, 
let me know and I'll keep it down to that.) Since someone mentioned 
ETH, I was wondering what other people thought of 
"Eerieconciliation". Personally, I've only listened to it once (at 5 
AM on September 3, during a sleepless night when mind and reality 
more often than not keep distance from each other), but I find it's 
the best album they've ever made. I've told specifically this to 
Mark, Tara, and Rick, and all seemed pleased that I'd chose this 
album when I can't sleep and knew I would not sleep at all. Mark even 
added it that it was perhaps the best time to listen to the album, 
but he was probably just being philosophic. I haven't listened to it 
since, preferring to save it for another sleepless night.

If anyone is interested in conversing on this one (or maybe you'd 
like to try it on a sleepless night beforehand), e-mail me privately 
(I think that's the way it goes here) and we'll chat.

Glen (aka Barney Rubble)