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sub pop army

Yes, it seems too good to be true, but you could be the newest member of 
Sub Pop Army!

Here's the important info:  The esteemed Sub Pop intern will assist the 
regional efforts of ADA (our lovely distributor), the radio (both 
commercial and college), and retail departments to better expose Sub Pop 
artists on a grass-roots level.  Some of the responsibilities will include:

		Servicing Regional Retail:
This may include doing stock checks at local stores and delivering display 
materials  and promo CDs

Inventing/Facilitating Unique Promotions:
You can come up with creative marketing and promotion strategies in your 
region and help pin point local non-music outlets that might want great, 
free music.

Dealing With Touring Band Members Who Might be Smelly or Cranky:
You may help the band have as easy and productive a time in your town as 
possible by facilitating in-store performances or by getting to the club a 
bit early to put up posters and give out Sub Pop swag.

Weekly Conference Calls:
You will  be on weekly mandatory conference calls with the Sub Pop 
supervisor and other interns.

If you are a genuine music fan who loves all genres of the stuff and who is 
outgoing, intelligent, hilarious, charming, creative and responsible, you 
may be the one for us!

And if you're the lucky cad who gets the job, here's what you'll get:
Free tickets to Sub Pop shows; free CDs and other music swag (T-shirts, 
stickers, an odd poster or two); your very own, personalized Sub Pop 
business cards; the joy of being the first person in your family to ever be 
a Sub Pop Intern!
	Oh yeah, you get college credit, too!

To apply, fax or e-mail (no calls, please!) your resume and a paragraph or 
two about why you'd be perfect to join the ranks to:

(206)441-8245 or sparmy\!/subpop.com

(Yeah, this seems like homework, but this will actually lead to something!)
And just for applying, we'll send you a little token of our love?