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Re: platinum

On Tue, 14 Oct 1997, Andrew Robinson wrote:

> >> i could not believe how _not good_ platinum was.
> i thought Platinum was pretty good, though some things puzzled me.
> Archangel did not look like an indie.  Was it supposed to be an indie?

i don't think archangel was indie. they wanted to distribute platinum.

> Also want to get in my two cents that the new ETH is great, but not as good
> as Parts 1-3.  Not enough keyboards.  Does anyone know anything about what's
> up with Parts 4-5?  The Astronavigation pagfe says it's out now.

it is out. i don't know the real shit on getting it, but i got mine from 
tara. they have some. write to them....i think it's about $10. don't know...