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Fw: The birds flew south

> From: Kel <mhowatt\!/auracom.com>
> To: tbingham\!/cpol.com
> Subject: The birds flew south
> Date: Monday, October 13, 1997 6:49 PM
> Hey Lauren,
> Um favour number one hundred for Kel!:P I was wondering if you could
> post something on Sloan Net for me again,I've really got to fix that
> up..:) Thanks
> I'm going to Nova Scotia from October 15th-October 20th and I was
> wondering if anyone knew of any shows going on those days.You can reach
> me at mhowatt\!/auracom.com  I'd be very gratiful!!!:)
> Thanks and Keep Sloaning,
> Kel
> THANKS AGAIN LAUREN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:P