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Re: platinum

> i could not believe how _not good_ platinum was.
yes. very "not good". the problem i think was with the total lack of any
good drama. I mean, sure a story about two record lables battling it out
for one band may be a good premise(sp?)...but uggghhh! not if you don't
have any point to make in the process!
	i was also expecting a little bit more of an indie film kind of a feel to
it, but it looked very glossy & expensive.
	one other thing...did anybody else find the music really lame?! for a
hard core punk-rock band, Ophelia sure sounded pretty tame to me. the least
they could have done was make the music sound real.
	but i hope they turn it into a regular show tho because it has the
potential the be really terrific.
alt.rawk....canadian indie rawk stuff....