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Re: The Vees / Platinum

On Mon, 13 Oct 1997, Darryl wrote:

> Anyone know who the Vees' lable is? Is it murderecords
> or are they just putting one 7" out with them or what?
> Also, what's the status on this 7"? Could someone
> from their new lable get in contact with me pls if
> possible? Thanks

i think it's actually a cd ep, and yes, it's on murder.

> Oh, i was happy with the tv movie "Platinum". Didn't know
> what to expect. Not enought words out of the mouth of
> Jenny Pierce (whom i thought they made look like Dave Foley
> from the kids in the hall) and should have left her curly
> hair. Which songs did Jen appear in? (if any) Any word on a
> soundtrack ;)

i liked it as well...i don't ever find bands in movies 
completely....what's the word i'm looking for....believeable?
still though, it was a bruce mcdonald movie, chock full of cameos and 
what-not, and i kinda liked the camera effects.

...and was it just me, or is the guy from platinum records the guy who 
played jimmy in the movie "the commitments"?