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Wedge/Much East/"Platinum"/Chart mag

hey y'all
Yay! Sookie played my request! I was so verklempt...it was "10 lbs" by the
SFZ - sorry Zia :( (and them playing "On the Sneak" by TH before my request
was the icing on the cake :) I also sent in a request for "Rescue Us From
Boredom" to Much East's "All Request Show", which is happenin' tonight -
wishful thinking on my part, but I'm still keepin' my fingers crossed... 

Oh yes, make sure you catch Much East next week, because Mike Campbell will
be continuing his HOM coverage, and Sloan will be on a segment...  

Another note - you can check out CBC's webpage at
http://www.tv.cbc.ca/movies/specials/platinum.html to see Jen Pierce (well,
at least I *think* that's her...) and her fictional band "Ophelia" in a
small publicity photo for Platinum (tonight at 8pm!!) I read in today's
Toronto Star that walk-on cameos will include Melissa Auf DeMar(sp??) from
Hole and Henry Rollins(!!), among others...

Also, I was wondering if the Oct. issue of Chart has come out yet - it's
suppose to be that "Sexiest Canadian Musicians" issue (Chris Murphy was
given a mention in a previous issue about "voting for oneself is not
encouraged...") Yeah yeah, a musician's "sex appeal" doesn't add much
relevance to the quality of music, but it would create some publicity for
Sloan, if one of the guys got voted onto the list... Besides, wouldn't you
rather see one of the Sloan guys up there rather than already over-exposed
Canadian artists/bands (who shall remain nameless for fear of backlash...)?

Anyway, I will shut up now, because I must catch up on email...

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