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Fw: Platinum

From: Kel <mhowatt\!/auracom.com>
To: tbingham\!/cpol.com
Subject: Platinum
Date: Tuesday, October 07, 1997 9:03 PM

Hey I found this at CBC,hope no ones posted it yet!

                       CBC Television presents PLATINUM, a leading-edge,
music-driven movie airing Sunday, October
                       12 at 8 p.m. ET.

                       Bruce McDonald (Highway 61, Dance Me Outside,
Roadkill and Hard Core Logo) directs this
                       made-for-tv drama. McDonald?s experience at
making cutting-edge music videos allows him to
                       create a bold, fast-paced movie combining
state-of-the-art special effects and a strong musical
                       element to make it unique.

                       "Platinum is a knee slappin?, head bangin?, rump
shakin? peek inside the star making machines of
                       the music biz. "Today" is old news to all our
hipsters, flipsters and finger poppin? daddies," Bruce
                       McDonald said.

                       PLATINUM is the story of Platinum Inc., a small,
yet fiery, independent record label. This movie
                       whisks viewers behind-the-scenes in the music
industry where they witness the ambition,
                       power-plays and the record company rivalry and
scandal that can make or break a career in the
                       music world.

                       The film contains a variety of music with such
artists as Bran Van 3000, Iggy Pop, Leonard
                       Cohen, Alain Simard, Dead Can Dance, Plastic
Bertrand, Harmonium, Plume Latraverse, Too
                       Many Cooks, Morcheeba, Wesley Willis and original
songs by John Kastner and Ivan Doroschuk.

                       PLATINUM is produced by Prisma Productions in
association with CBC Television.

Keep Sloaning
Kel :~0

Thanks Lauren!